Rapid antigen test kits are bringing a new age of convenience to individuals, businesses, and medical facilities across the UK. Test at home, or on the go. Test weekly, or monthly. Choose early detection, or test when symptoms appear. Reimagining everything, we think we know about COVID testing, however you’d like to test, rapid testing puts you in control.


They’re reliable, easy to use, and provide complete peace of mind within just 15 minutes. Designed for at-home use, self-test rapid antigen tests are manufactured to make life after COVID easy. Simply swab your throat, follow the instructions, and wait for your results to appear, without going through a laboratory. Swab, test, done – easy!

Ultimately, self-tests offer all the benefits of walk-in covid tests – convenience, no waiting lists, and accurate results. By avoiding the inconvenience of in-person testing, covid-19 antigen self-tests are the obvious choice for both symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals. With proven levels of accuracy, consistency, and sensitivity, keeping your finger on the COVID pulse has never been easier. Most effective 4 to 10 days after contracting the virus, your test will be delivered straight to your door when you need it most, with the option of next-day delivery available.


Compact, slim, and lightweight, rapid antigen test kits were never designed to lie in the depths of a drawer. Suitable for on-the-go use, from concerts and medical appointments to beach days and care home visits, self-testing kits should always be at your fingertips. It’s a must for your peace of mind, overall well-being, and the safety of those you come into contact with.

They’re not just here to act as a safety net should you be struck down by a sudden fever. By testing before catching up with vulnerable loved ones, when you’re set to encounter large crowds, and after you’ve been in contact with a COVID-positive individual, on-the-go rapid antigen test kits will help you take on the ‘new normal’, the right way.

It’s about never being caught out, and crucially, refusing to take risks when it comes to your health. Simply pop a test in your bag as you head out of the door, keep our 5-pack test kit in your car glovebox, or put a never-ending supply of 20 tests in your suitcase, enjoying uninterrupted convenience. We think of it as a better way to take on the COVID era.


The results you need, from the comfort of your home. Taking the effort out of getting tested, our coronavirus ag rapid test cassettes are redefining ease. Renowned for remaining cost-effective, slotting into your day-to-day, and providing a reliable set of results in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, it’s simple. Whether you opt to test before an event, stay prepared with an on-the-go testing kit, or test weekly as part of your well-being routine, we encourage you to take control of your health, your way.

Rapid covid-19 antigen self-test aren’t just a popular option for those with a packed schedule. Offering a more time-efficient, less daunting alternative to in-person PCR tests, children, those with mobility issues, individuals without transport, and the elderly population often view self-testing kits as a lifeline. Whether you’re looking to stay prepared, or you know someone in need, self-test rapid antigen tests don’t discriminate.


While most countries no longer require proof of a negative test to enter, pre-departure tests offer a more responsible way to travel. Not only does refusing to travel when COVID-positive reduce the spread of the virus through planes, but it’ll prepare you from being caught out when entering spaces that require proof of a negative test.

From Disneyland to restaurants, various private venues ask that guests take a COVID-19 test before entering their premises. As a result, stocking up on tests means you’ll be all set for an issue-free getaway.


It’s true – self-test rapid antigen tests are playing a pivotal role in halting super-spreader events. And it’s not just down to attendees taking the initiative to get tested. Event providers requiring proof of a negative test ensures that those virus particles don’t make their way through large crowds.

We’re proud to do our bit to keep transmissions at bay. Using the power of coronavirus ag rapid test cassettes, everyone, everywhere, can enjoy risk-free events. From sports tournaments, festivals, and concerts to street parades, food fairs, and race days, we recommend that event providers of all scopes make self-tests an essential requirement. And if you’d like to take a more hands-on approach? Click HERE to bulk-buy rapid covid-19 antigen self-tests for your guests.


What happens if I have COVID symptoms? Do I have to isolate if double jabbed? They’re the questions on everyone’s lips. But without confirmation of a positive COVID test, it’s difficult to know your next steps. While those living in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales are no longer required to isolate by law, the result of your test will help you determine where to go from here, who you feel confident coming into contact with, and what activities you feel comfortable undertaking.

For many adults, work is the obvious worry. Employers are not legally obliged to allow their staff to isolate on full pay, unless their contract says otherwise. That said, your rapid covid-19 antigen self-test will encourage you to navigate sick pay, examine your workplace’s COVID policy, and allow your employer to complete a risk assessment, with your test results in tow.

Since 2022, those with a positive lateral flow are no longer required to take a PCR to confirm their results. This means that self-tests are the only evidence you need to prove your positive case to work or school. Quick, convenient, and accurate – the way it should be.


For many of us, we’re ready to accept our fate at the first sign of a sniffle, cough, or sore throat. Our outlook? It shouldn’t be that way. With the ability to obtain an accurate, reliable diagnosis within just 15 minutes, self-test rapid antigen tests should be the first step on your coronavirus symptom to-do list. With concrete confirmation, you can isolate if it’s positive, book a GP appointment if not, and unlock peace of mind.

By ruling out COVID-19 – and refusing to accept that a sudden onset of symptoms must be down to that pesky virus – you’ll have the insights you need to seek the right diagnosis. Take elderly patients, for example. Confusion, sensitivity to light, and a fever can all point to COVID-19 in the oldest population. However, put together, they can also indicate several medical emergencies, from encephalitis to meningitis to a subarachnoid haemorrhage. Simply put, it’s crucial to not assume that it’s COVID. Take the test, get the right treatment, and put your health first – always.


They may both detect the same virus, but their speeds and processes couldn’t be more different. While PCR tests need to be sent to a laboratory for a result to be obtained, lateral flow tests are renowned for their end-to-end ease.

With the ability to order a rapid antigen test kit to your home, before receiving an accurate set of results within 15 minutes, self-tests are the most prominent choice for those wanting to unlock peace of mind. No more having to book a PCR appointment, venturing out to be tested, and waiting days for your results.

Simply put, lateral flow tests are key for early detection. Allowing you to test regularly – without waiting for symptoms to arise – lateral flow tests are key for slowing the spread of the virus. They’re designed to help you stay on top of your COVID status in those highly contagious, symptom-free first few days. It’s about keeping you prepared, wherever you are, whenever you need it.


Offering three sets of COVID-19 kits for self-testing use – packs of one, five, and twenty – our test kits are designed to make testing simple. With little room for error, easy-to-follow instructions, and unbeatable accuracy rates, we are at the forefront of the self-testing space. When paired with our secure payment system and speedy delivery, we’re committed to taking pressure off the NHS, slowing the spread of COVID, and giving you complete control over your health.

Whether you’d like your own set of self-test rapid antigen tests for personal use, to safeguard your workforce, or to replenish your stocks in a medical setting, we offer tests for a breadth of purposes. Click HERE to explore our personal test kits or HERE to make a wholesale enquiry.


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