Berkeleyhealth C-REACTIVE PROTEIN Rapid test (Self Testing Use)

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It’s the test you should always have in your at-home toolkit, called upon when experiencing infection symptoms. Designed to identify bacterial diseases and inflammatory disorders within just five minutes, our hs-CRP blood test UK will play a critical role in helping diagnose a range of time-critical conditions, from lupus and Crohn’s disease to asthma and viruses.

Rapid self-test for the semi-quantitative detection of C-Reactive Protein (CRP) in whole blood samples

C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a nonspecific marker mainly prod­uced by the liver and used to diagnose bacterial diseases and inflammatory disorders.
CRP is a very sensitive and fast appearing indicator which could therefore be helpful for deciding an antibiotic treatment.
C-REACTIVE PROTEIN TEST should be performed in case of acute infection symptoms such as feverishness, fever, headaches or weakness.

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN TEST is useful in assisting the diagnosis and therapeutic monitoring, as it helps to determine the origin of a possible infection.



Note: In the unlikely event we are unable to fulfil your order with our own Berkeley Range of tests, We would would automatically send you a alternative branded Test kit. Prior to you placing your order, you agree to us doing this. We will never compromise on quality, therefore be rest assured that any alternative branded product we send to you, would be no different in terms of quality from our premium Berkeley Health Test range.
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User Procedure


  • Draw a blood sample by using the sterile lancet provided.
  • Collect the sample indicated with the black line by using the capillary pipette provided.
  • Deposit the collected specimen into the vial, previously open, then screw it.
  • Add 3 drops of the obtained liquid into the sample well (S) indicated on the test cassette and wait 5 minutes before reading the result.

Technical Specification

Specificity:                     96%

Accuracy:                       97.60%

Sensitivity:                    98.7%


What happens if the results reading time is not met?  The test has been carried out correctly when the instructions for use are followed. It includes the reading time and the interpretation of the results shown at the “RESULTS INTERPRETATION” section of the instructions for use

How to prove that the test worked correctly? A coloured line will appear at the control region (C) on the test device, showing that the test performed correctly. The absence of the coloured line suggests to repeat the test with a new device and a new sample.

How to interpret the test if the control and test lines have different intensities? The colour and intensity of the lines do not affect the interpretation of the result. The test has to be considered positive regardless of the colour intensity of the test line (T).

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