Berkeleyhealth TETANUS Rapid Test For Self-Testing Use

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Often contracted through contaminated wounds, burns, and bites, our tetanus testing kit represents the first line of defence in the event that you’ve broken the skin barrier. While suspected tetanus infections should be treated as a medical emergency, we’re here for the times when you’re looking for a renewed peace of mind.

Tetanus is a non-contagious, infective disease caused by the Clostridium tetani bacterium. This bacterium is often present as a spore in the soil and can penetrate into the human body via contaminated scratches and wounds. Once inside the body, the spore transforms into the vegetative form, which produces a very powerful neurotoxin. The toxin spreads around the body through the blood and the lymphatic system, causing spasms and widespread contractions. Without suitable treatment, the disease can be fatal in 30-50% of cases. Vaccination is the only way to prevent the disease. The administration of three doses of vaccine provides very high protection, with effectiveness above 95%. The duration of the protection is approximately 10 years and it is further guaranteed by periodical boosters. TETANUS TEST is a qualitative, immunological self-test to identify antibodies against che tetanus toxin in whole blood. It reveals if he user has antibody protection against infection.

Warning: Do not use in emergency situations or suspected of being infected with Clostridium tetani (wounds and/or injuries with rusty iron objects, handling soil, hay, animal excrement and during gardening activities es puncture rose chorn). in these cases, it is recommended to contact a doctor.

Note: In the unlikely event we are unable to fulfil your order with our own Berkeley Range of tests, We would would automatically send you a alternative branded Test kit. Prior to you placing your order, you agree to us doing this. We will never compromise on quality, therefore be rest assured that any alternative branded product we send to you, would be no different in terms of quality from our premium Berkeley Health Test range.
We work alongside some Great partners who have Similar great Quality products like our Berkeley Health Tests, and our shared goal is to provide Self test kits to help as many households as possible with early diagnosis.




What happens if the results reading time is not met? The test has been carried out correctly when the instructions for use are followed. It includes the reading time and the interpretation of the results shown at the “RESULTS INTERPRETATION” section of the instructions for use.

How to prove that the test worked correctly? A coloured line will appear at the control region (C) on the test device, showing that the test performed correctly. The absence of the coloured line suggests to repeat the test with a new device and a new sample.

How to interpret the test if the control and test lines have different intensities? The colour and intensity of the lines do not affect the interpretation of the result. The test has to be considered positive regardless of the colour intensity of the test line (T).

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